Brocked Up: Supervisor Fulton Brock Attempted to Cover Up the Sexual Liaisons Between His Wife, Daughter and a Teenage Boy

Under the Friday-night lights of a suburban high school football game, Chandler's Perry Pumas beat the Marcos DeNiza Padres 23-17, despite getting outscored 10-0 in the second half.

Paul Quinn, a 6-foot-1, 185-pound Perry junior, dressed for the game but didn't get in that night. Regardless, his girlfriend and Susan Brock, a devoutly Mormon mother of three and wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, watched him from the stands.

Susan Brock had been forbidden to see Paul by leaders of her Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, her husband, and the boy's parents, Craig and Laura Quinn, more than a year before the October 8, 2010, victory. But this didn't stop the two from secret meetings or stop Brock from showering the boy with gifts.

One of the many presents Brock bought for him was an iPod Touch, which she had with her that night and entrusted to Paul's girlfriend to give to the boy after the game.

Quinn, now 18, and his girlfriend had trust issues, which led to so many arguments that the girl's parents told their daughter she was no longer allowed to see Quinn. Suspicious of her forbidden love interest, Quinn's girlfriend cracked the password on the iPod and did some snooping before giving it to him.

What she discovered confirmed what several people — including the boy's parents, his own LDS church, and Supervisor Brock — suspected for more than a year: 48-year-old Susan Brock and 17-year-old Paul Quinn were having a sexual relationship.

In text messages discovered on Paul's iPod Touch, Brock — using the alias "Timmy Turner" — and the boy had a graphic conversation about sex she'd had with her county supervisor husband while the two were on a trip to New York about a month earlier. At one point, Quinn asked Susan whether Fulton Brock's penis was bigger than his.

"You are small — half his size on a good day," Susan Brock (as "Timmy Turner") joked, according to cell-phone records obtained by police. "Maybe it will grow with gravity."

The boy then jokingly asked whether his penis was the size of a 6-year-old's, to which Brock replied, "Pretty much, but it's all right. You're handsome and kind of nice to look at."

Paul Quinn later would tell police that he'd been sexually abused by Brock on at least 30 occasions.

As if the story of a devoutly Mormon wife of a powerful county official molesting a teenage boy wasn't fantastic enough, it was revealed that the Brocks' adult daughter, Rachel, had a sexual relationship with the same boy, starting when Quinn was 13. Rachel Brock, at the time, was 18.

But sexual abuse is only part of this story.

This is also a story about the great lengths to which Fulton Brock went to keep law enforcement from building a case against his wife.

It's a story about how the county supervisor abused his powerful position within the community to obtain favors from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to ensure that certain conversations he'd had with his jailed wife as she prepared for a potential trial were not recorded by detention officers.

It's a story about a boy who, psychologists say, learned from his abuser how to manipulate people and took full advantage of his unfortunate situation.

It's a story about how the sexual abuse of a boy could have been stopped a year earlier if his church, his school, his abuser's county supervisor husband, and his own parents had alerted police when suspicion first arose that Susan Brock was abusing him.

Susan Brock pleaded guilty in January to three counts of attempted sexual conduct with a minor, a far cry from the 15 felony counts on which she initially was indicted. She was sentenced to 13 years in prison for abusing the boy over a span of three years.

Rachel Brock originally was charged with seven counts of sexual conduct with a minor and one count of furnishing obscene materials to a minor. She pleaded guilty in June to two counts of child abuse with sexual motivation. She faces up to a year in county jail and 10 years of probation at her sentencing, scheduled for October 20.

Meanwhile, news that Quinn had been abused by Susan Brock hit Perry High School within hours of her October 26, 2010, arrest.

The person who revealed the situation was Quinn's best friend and football teammate, Jared Neff, who also benefited from Susan Brock's desire to keep the sexual relationship she was having with Quinn quiet.

"Everyone found out pretty much the day [the arrest] happened," another classmate and football teammate of Quinn's (who wished to not be identified because Quinn's liaison with Brock has become a "sketchy situation" at the school) tells New Times. "We knew that it was a kid at our school, and then one of his friends told people it was him.