Club Candids

Moore's Is More

We've been on a roll with the weekday party circuit, so Club Candids decided to make a humpday run for one of Tempe's favorite neighborhood drinking digs, Casey Moore's, on Wednesday, April 4. We can always count on this old standby for attractive twentysomethings looking to unwind on a school or work night. The place held a steady crowd throughout the night, with a kicked-back vibe and casual conversations among close friends.

The cute, sophisticated girls were sporting headbands and dark-framed specs galore. The dudes were friendly and attractive, in that subdued Casey Moore's kind of way. Many people were in a chatty mood as we made the rounds, and we found ourselves hanging with some of our photo'd folks. But hours of boozing will eventually catch up with you, and we did hear an unforgettable drunken confession: "You look like my mom, so I can't do you . . . but you're hot." Shouldn't that kind of comment wait until the weekend?