Invasion of Piracy

Pirates really did live the good life. Being a seafaring ne’er-do-well meant hanging out with parrots, drinking until you were merry, and saying awesome words like “arrrgh.”

Despite our landlocked environment here in the Valley, anyone can get in the swashbuckling spirit as the fourth annual Talk Like a Pirate Day takes over Glendale’s Westgate City Center.

Participating pirates are encouraged to bust out their eye patches and strap on their peg legs as they take in everything from belly dancing to swordfights around the bar-filled plaza. If any mateys purchase a Pieces of Eight lanyard, they get free admittance and drink specials at slew of neighboring bars, where the libations are likely to leave you slurring those triumphant "yo ho's."

Sat., Sept. 17, 7 p.m., 2011