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Bane @ Nile Theater

Bane's fan base is a bit like Matthew McConaughey's philosophy in Dazed and Confused: They get older; the moshers stay the same age. "When you're young, you get that feeling that you can take on the world and that music can drive a revolution," says vocalist Aaron Bedard. "Once you get into your 30s, it gets a little harder to take a Wednesday night to see a hardcore band." For the members of Bane, the weeknight-rock-and-cramped-van residency is a way of life. "Even though we're getting older and probably past the expiration date of hardcore bands, we still love it so much . . . We really have a good time doing it," says Bedard. The band hasn't released an album since 2005, instead focusing on performing old favorites for an evolving fanbase. "We'll play super-old songs like 'Count Me Out' or 'Both Guns Blazing,' and I see kids sing all the words, and it makes me feel really, really good," Bedard says, "God damn, we wrote those songs so long ago, but we can still open a set with them."