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Boots Electric @ The Roxy Lounge

Jeez, who do you have to screw to be nicknamed "The Devil"? I mean, Jerry Lee Lewis married his teenage cuz and got booted out of Bible school for playing a boogie-woogie version of "My God Is Real," and the best he could come away with was "The Killer." Jesse Hughes, frontman for Eagles of Death Metal, has more nicknames than you can shake a mongoose at, but "Boots Electric" is the only one you need to bother with. According to Hughes, he was christened Boots Electric by his best friend and Eagles of Death Metal bandmate Josh Homme in 1998, when Homme was making fun of Hughes' rollerblades (although Wikipedia states it was the name of one of Hughes' old bands). And being the veritable quote-making machine he is, Hughes described his newly released debut album as Boots, Honkey Kong, thusly: "I took George Clinton and bent him over and then raped the shit out of him with Gary Numan using Little Richard as a dick." And that about accurately describes a track like the "Boots Electric Theme," but given the same sodomizing analogy, I'd say the single "Complexity" was more like Devo whipping Robert Palmer into shape. With Ted Nugent not doing a goddamn thing about it! In other words — the devil's music!