Full Steam Ahead

The Victorian era spawned discoveries that revolutionized the world, from electric power and photography to the first glass and iron building. Of course, Victorians also had cholera outbreaks and the greatest divide between the rich and poor in modern history until, well, now. But no time period is perfect, right?

That’s why there’s steampunk, a movement that incorporates only the fun parts of Victoriana (think bustle skirts and top hats) and fuses them with funky technology inspired by writers like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. “Steampunk has a universal appeal in that guys like the gizmos, ladies love the Victorian fashions, and the whole science fiction and time-travel aspect is interesting to everyone,” says Bob Leeper, whose eclectic shop Evermore Nevermore is hosting Steampunk Street III on Friday, November 11.

Downtown Mesa’s Main Street will be transformed into a mecca of machinery, with antique-inspired costumes and ray guns for sale, old-timey music from Jellied Brainz, and a Victorian Fantasy Fashion Show at nearby Gallery OneOhOne.

Fri., Nov. 11, 6-10 p.m., 2011