Chat Room

It’s about innovation. It’s about inspiration. It’s about Technology, Entertainment and Design. But, mostly, TEDxPhoenix is about the future. On Friday, November 11, 19 interesting people will speak, perform or otherwise present at the Mesa Arts Center as part of the greater TED effort to shape – and create -- innovative ideas for the future.

In true TED style, each speaker has 3 to 15 minutes to present just about anything – music, ideas, food, comedy or art. The speakers in Phoenix include just about all of these things – from Brooklyn-based artist and designer Kelli Anderson to 3 year-old YouTube sensation Samuel Chelpka, who made a name for himself last year by reciting from memory Billy Collins' poem “Litany.” You’ll also hear from ukulele-playing local musician Michelle Blades, who released her first full album, Oh, Nostalgia! in 2009 and has been traveling, playing, and documenting her life ever since.

Fri., Nov. 11, 4 p.m., 2011