Band Together

When a band claims to be on “an indefinite hiatus,” typically it means: “We need some space. We can no longer stand each other’s faces, and will likely be breaking up quite soon.” In the case of Icelandic ambient rockers Sigur Rós, a hiatus beginning in 2010 wasn’t much of a hiatus at all.

Back then they scrapped plans for an album set to be released that year. Lead singer and guitarist Jónsi did some solo work, but ultimately decided to go back to what’s familiar. Just two years later, the band will be heading on the road and as rumored, recording a new album in 2012. They just can’t quit each other. To compound the memories, Sigur Rós paid homage to their homeland in the newly released documentary, Inni, which follows the band around Iceland, recording the band as they come to terms with the success of their 2007 record, Heima.

Nov. 11-13; Thu., Nov. 17, 11 p.m.; Nov. 18-20, 2011