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A Life of Science @ Yucca Tap Room

Meet Jon Tate. He's from the future. Jon is a genius infatuated with robotics and a blond, buxom beauty named Sandy. He's building an army of robots in hopes of ending a war that is gripping the world. It's an army that eventually will turn on him, culminating in an epic battle pitting man versus machine. No, this isn't the script to next summer's sci-fi blockbuster coming to a theater near you; this is the plot of a comic book story turned music project. Phoenix duo James Keenan and Scott Passamonte created their electronic rock band, A Life of Science, based on this apocalyptic concept. The resulting sound is more robot-pop dance party and bright melodies than it is moody synthesizers and downtempo beats. It's been two years since part one of their three-album trilogy, The Apneist, debuted, but now Phoenix's premier space cadets are back at it with their sequel, Vita Nova. Scheduled to drop in December, Vita picks up where Apneist left off, bringing tales of hope and redemption. ALOS is going big with the world they've created. Having spawned two albums, a fully animated comic, and a graphic novel, Keenan and Passamonte are taking their show to the road with a series of upcoming dates. Catch the band before it leaves town — or time-travels to the future.