Santa Worshippers

If all those maudlin and mawkish Christmas commercials on the boob tube are to be taken at face value, the holiday season is a time of peace, goodwill, and social harmony. The ugly truth, however, is that the “most wonderful time of the year” is anything but. It’s an effin’ pressure cooker of familial obligations, shopping mall chaos, and package-wrapping nightmares. And everything’s gotta get done by December 25.

Frankly, you might need to blow off a little steam (or down a few drinks) in order to make it through the hellish holiday season with your sanity intact. The urban pranksters at the Arizona Cacophony Society offer a perfect chance to do so during their annual Santarchy celebration.

Hundreds of madcap merrymakers will dress as Santa and Mrs. Claus and go on a massive drinking spree through the streets of Old Town Scottsdale on Saturday, December 17. While the exact route of this bizarre Christmastime bar crawl hasn’t been decided as of this writing, the hellacious ho-ho hootenanny is guaranteed to invade more than a half-dozen drinking establishments.

Sat., Dec. 17, 2011