Toxic Avengers

It’s Sunday, January 1, and you know what that means. Today, you’re going to sign up for that gym membership and cramp the style of workout regulars. (No, we’re not bitter. You’ll be gone in a month.) You’re going to get healthy for once, damnit. Plus, it’s time to take on a few more hobbies. Hiking? Too cliché. Painting? You know you have about as much artistic talent as Jackson Pollock.

Music appreciation? Now that’s more like it.

If you’ve always envied the black-wearing, long-haired metalheads among us, but also enjoy the DJ-mixing sounds of Scottsdale, there’s a night that will change your 2012 for the better.

Retox Sundays at Martini Ranch blends rocker attitudes with turntables, complete with a full bar for drinks to help with your post-Eve recovery.

Sun., Jan. 1, 2012