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Turbid North @ Club Red

With song titles such as "Kodiak," "Hunter," "Wolves," and "Between the Glacier and the Sea," Turbid North's connection to Alaska remains strong, even if the band currently resides in Texas. The "mountain metal" band started in North Pole, Alaska (yes, a Christmas theme is prominent), and quickly rose to the top of the small community's music scene. At the suggestion of Drowning Pool, for whom Turbid North opened in Fairbanks, the band relocated to Dallas, though not before members slaved away for two years in a lumberyard to save for the move. Ironclad Recordings signed them in 2011 and quickly reissued the band's self-released Orogeny. Lyrically, the band sounds like it couldn't have come from anywhere else. Tales of lost hunters, hungry wolves, and nature's ability to wreak havoc fill the record, but the music also tells a story. At times aggressive and demanding, Turbid North's sound leaves room for melodic interludes reminiscent of vintage '70s psych (but, you know, hard psych). It's a welcome break and lends integrity and thought to the musical process in a genre where mere heaviness is often overdone.