The Odd Couple

A few hundred years ago, girls had just two choices: get married or become a nun. Today, not only can women skip marriage and pursue careers, they can also write the world’s biggest bestseller, own a TV network, or almost land the vice presidency -- despite a complete lack of etiquette and common sense.

But as authors Melissa Pritchard and Elizabeth Searle point out in their writings, not all ladies are that lucky. Searle’s latest novel, Girl Held in Home, is a post-9/11 thriller about a teenager who believes his Arab neighbors are holding a young girl captive.

While Pritchard’s new release, The Odditorium, is a colorful collection of short stories about such famous historical figures as Annie Oakley and Robert Ripley, believe it or not she penned one tale involving the brothels of Calcutta which brings the pair together in a common cause.

Pritchard and Searle will sign their respective books and discuss human trafficking at Changing Hands.

Thu., Jan. 26, 2012