Queen Bees and Wannabees

When Miss Wisconsin, Laura Kaeppeler, became Miss America on January 15, girl made some amateur mistakes. Mainly, she wore regular mascara instead of waterproof. Only a rookie would take the risk of looking less than stunning when the former Miss America passive-aggressively pins the crown on your head.

Beauty pageants are sort of an outdated tradition anyway. That is, unless thy involve a man in women’s clothing. You see, drag queens take being pretty to a whole new level because they have a few more obstacles to overcome. Testicles and testosterone for starters, but also learning the tricks of the pageant trade, like waxing, bleaching, and other terrifying beauty endeavors.

At the Miss Gay Arizona pageant, 2011 winner Naomi St. James will pass the crown to one lucky lady. A preliminary competition, which encourages aspiring drag queens to compete, will be held that day, as well as a newcomer pin-up pageant, where Bettie Page wannabes will tantalize.

Sun., Jan. 29, 6 p.m., 2012