The Quincy's Hotel Takeover @ Location TBA

There are parties, and then there are epic parties. And then there are Quincy parties, where excess is the norm, inhibitions are loosened, and time has absolutely no meaning. The namesake bashes of artist Quincy Ross are the stuff of local legend and require plenty of stamina for those in attendance. That's because they're major ragers that stay strong 'til the break of dawn. And then keep going. And going. Case in point: The New Year's Eve affair that reportedly lasted well into the next day atop the Lexington in downtown Phoenix. Ross and his crew will attempt to top their Auld Lang Syne experience with another marathon or merrymaking on Friday, February 17, during The Quincy's Hotel Takeover. Kicking off at 10:30 p.m. at a yet-to-be-named location, the party will run a full 12 hours as DJs from such nightlife events as Sub:Concious, Turntables and Tamales, and Fish Fingers are scheduled to appear. Like the original, hot beats will fill hotel suites as each room will function as a miniature club and boast its own musical selection and dance floor. Better buy some Red Bull if you plan to go the distance. As per usual, the location is being kept on the down-low until the day of the party. Text 480-559-9283 or check www.twitter.com/the_quincy for price and location info.