Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, March 1st, 2012


No one to blame but himself: [Pinal County Sheriff] Paul Babeu has only himself to blame for all this ("Firestorm" and "Investigations Loom Into Paul Babeu's Mexican Lover's Allegations," Monica Alonzo, February 17 and 23).

He posed on raunchy websites and let his boyfriend run his campaign websites. Then, things go bad in the relationship (because Babeu's cheating on Jose Orozco); Jose gets pissed and puts up true information on the websites that is unflattering to the sheriff (like that Babeu has a profile on a raunchy website); Babeu sics his lawyer on Jose to get him to stop (can't let the gay shit out!); Jose stops and turns over the passwords (which Babeu allowed him to have as administrator of the sites); [and] Babeu's lawyer still wants Jose to come in and sign an agreement not to disclose the gay relationship, having conversations with Jose's lawyer to that effect.

Now, the sheriff claims all that's happened [to him over this scandal] is because his "enemies" want to criticize him because he's gay, something he says he's never tried to hide. Bullshit! He did everything possible to hide it. All his problems from Jose stemmed from Jose's trying to out Babeu.
Richard DuBois, Phoenix

Karma is a you-know-what: [Paul Babeu says] there were many lives saved in Afghanistan and in Arizona under his watch [when he was in the military and since he has been] Pinal County sheriff.

Yes, there are those honorable [sheriff's] officers [who] truly have been the first to arrive upon a scene while [Babeu] answered [his] telephonic device during hidden trysts with [his] Hispanic [lover] — and who knows [how many] other counterparts.

It is you, Babeu, who needs to stop pretending. You are a disgrace. Karma will determine your path into the future.
David J. Barnett, Phoenix

We investigated plenty, Dan: So New Times won't even do some investigation before [publishing] a hit piece Paul Babeu? The illegal wasn't illegal. Can you please send me weekly copies of New Times? I need something to wipe my ass with.
Dan J. Borman, Maricopa


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