DJ SS and Crissy Criss @ School of Rock

Over the past few years, Blake Ludera (a.k.a. Ill-legal?), Mary Mahan, and the other bassheads behind the scenes at UK Thursdays have worked their collective asses off to make the dance night famous among EDM fans as the best place in the Valley to hear dubstep. Thing is, the weekly also serves up plenty of drum 'n' bass thunder, as well. Said genre (considered by some to be a forerunner of dubstep) will be the focus of this week's edition of UK Thursdays at School of Rock, 411 South Mill Avenue in Tempe. Influential British d'n'b heavyweights DJ SS and Crissy Criss — both of whom are staples of BBC Radio 1Xtra — will headline the night and are likely to bring the house down. Meanwhile, a cadre of local junglists and d'n'b freaks will provide support, including Sub:Con's Deepfreq and Degha. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $15. See www.wanttickets.com.