Kick Start My Art

It’s an age-old tale. A young creative type gets his start in the desert, and, upon gaining a little cred, splits for literal greener pastures: Portland, Los Angeles, and New York. The less familiar story is one that involves innovators staying here – even moving here – and finding success.

New Times holds its annual Big Brain Awards in hopes of spurring more of the latter, while rewarding up-and-coming creators who deserve some attention. Oh, and $500. This year’s nominees specialize in fashion, food, visual art, design, or performing art.

The five winners will be announced at Artopia on Saturday, April 7. The 21-plus arty party will take place from 7 to 11 p.m. at The Saguaro, 4000 North Drinkwater Boulevard in Scottsdale. Six local restaurants, including Squid Ink and Breakfast Joynt, will serve up delectable samples while local boutiques and fashion designers show off and sell their finest frocks.

Sat., April 7, 7-11 p.m., 2012