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Cinco de Mayo @ Crescent Ballroom

Although Cinco de Mayo is a more celebrated holiday in the United States than it is in Mexico, nothing marks the occasion like a little mariachi music. A traditional mariachi band combines trumpets, violins, a large five-string guitar called a jarana, a smaller guitar called a vilhuela, and the guitarrón, a large acoustic bass guitar. Mariachi members also are known for dapper outfits known as charro suits, which they generally top off with a grandiose wide-brimmed hat. This year, local reggae talents Fayuca and Kommon Measure will be on hand at Crescent Ballroom celebrating the occasion along with Guanajuato, Mexico, native Cesar Chavez Duran and his Mariachi Fuego del Sol. At an early age Duran was exposed to popular Mexican singers like Rigo Tovar, Chico Che, and Jose Alfredo Jimenez, which influenced him on his present quest to bring ranchera music to every corner of the world.