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David Liebe Hart Band @ Trunk Space

We wish we could tell you exactly what to expect when David Liebe Hart and his band take the stage at Trunk Space, but we don't know. On second thought, it's much better that way. An outsider artist more "outsider" than most (he claims he was abducted by Korendian aliens as a child and that Jim Henson's spirit charged him to teach children about Christian Science), the puppeteer/songwriter/comedian is a familiar face to viewers of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, but his weirdo showbiz credentials go back even further than the popular Adult Swim program. He popped up on Good Times and The Gong Show, and he hosted a wack public access show, The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Program. And now he's making a punk rock album. Though it's unclear exactly how it will sound, Liebe Hart makes it clear on his official Kickstarter page (he successfully crowd-funded the record) that it will be as wonderfully baffling as what he usually does: "I like and perform all types of music, but right now I want to make a punk rock album.  It seems young people are more receptive to that kind of music and they liked it when I did it on the tour.  I did new songs about Betty White and La Rent, who is an alien who doesn't want me to look at porn, and a whole bunch of other ones I want to get recorded. "