Pop Gun

You can drive your dad mad with the typical Father’s Day gift that’s likely to end up buried in his closet. Or you can give your old man what he really wants: guns! The 10-day waiting period for firearm purchases makes copping a Glock for pops impractical as far as last-minute presents go. Instead, trust the Arizona Gunfighters to put on a stellar reenactment of Old West shootouts on Saturday, June 16.

This is the 20th annual edition of the organization's Father’s Day weekend show, designed to delight dads by portraying legendarily steely-eyed gunslingers. Wild Bill Hickok, Doc Holliday, and Wyatt Earp come to life with costumes, storytelling, and, of course, blazing gun battles.

Sat., June 16, 5:30 p.m., 2012