Breaking Bad

The Mighty Zulu Kingz are way old school, to say the least. In fact, the members of the infamous Bronx b-boy and graf art crew, which spun off of Afrika Bambaataa’s renowned Universal Zulu Nation back in November 1973, were ruining cardboard and transforming brick walls into masterpieces while your favorite hip-hop superstars were chillaxing in diapers.

Members of the Zulu Kingz do their thing in cities across the globe and continue inspiring newbie rappers, breakers, DJs, and taggers for decades. They continue to do so this weekend when they will be the special guests during the Back to School Daze urban art extravaganza.

Hosted by the cats from Cyphers: The Center For Urban Arts, the two-day event kicks off on Friday, September 7, outside of Think!, 917 North Fifth Street, where MZK members will participate and inspire during b-boy, turntable, and blackbook sessions open to all.

Fri., Sept. 7, 7 p.m., 2012