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Bark Bark Bark @ Yucca Tap Room

I've long held the suspicion that Los Angeles-by-way-of-Tucson songwriter Jacob Cooper (better known by his production moniker, Jacob Safari) ganked the name of his long-running Bark Bark Bark project from a prominent graphic displayed in a scene from Anchorman ("A La Jolla man clings to life . . ."). I could be wrong, but there's a certain Burgundy-ish swagger (and willful silliness) to Cooper's work, whether it's production for Tucson "death rapper" Isaiah Toothtaker (sit tight for their upcoming collaboration, comprising solely Nine Inch Nails samples), remixes of The X-Files theme song, or playing in bands like Heaven, Wavves, The Mae Shi, and Signals. The attitude extends to his design work (see his website, which employs early Internet imagery and graphics to a comical extent) and his online presence (his Twitter account, @Jacobsafari, features missives like this: "I'm fucking gangnam style fuck this I want to die"). Cooper's busy in L.A., but he's kept in touch with his Arizona roots and is bringing a rare set from Bark Bark Bark to the Yucca Tap Room, where his cut-and-paste electro madness will be complemented by the sounds of Kyds vs Columbus, Sleep Money, and Sacred Followers.