Exercising The Demons

When contestants line up on Saturday, October 20, for the Devil Dash 5K, they won't just be running for the complimentary headgear -- though who could blame them? Instead, they'll run for the pride of knowing that they've conquered a 3.1-mile allegorical recreation of hell, even if pride is sinful.

During the scurry, participants run like hell through a series of challenging obstacles themed after the seven deadly sins with names like Blood Bath and Demon's Ditch. Those wicked enough to enter can expect a steady barrage of exhaustion-induced obscenities, mud caked ass-cracks, and unsightly cargo shorts, all before entering the Beer Garden Of Eden awaiting them at the finish line, assuming they make it over Satan's Steeple.

Sat., Oct. 20, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., 2012