Nash Cloud

The heart and the soul of the Phoenix Suns each bought one way tickets out of town this summer, and both wound up in Los Angeles. As it turns out, the heart bled red, while the soul turned purple and gold.

Despite the off-season makeover, don't be surprised if the Suns' look isn't all that different, especially with Steve Nash's protege, Goran Dragic, at the helm. While Dragic (along with everyone else on the planet) lacks Nash's shooting touch, his quickness and athleticism should offset some of Steve's defensive deficiencies. Look for Goran and the Suns' young new core, including the freakishly gifted newcomer Michael Beasley, to flourish and to fumble in what inevitably will be a pivotal season for a proud franchise looking to rebuild without tailspinning into irrelevance in the meantime.

Catch the Suns' preseason finale against western conference stalwarts the Denver Nuggets at US Airways Center.

Fri., Oct. 26, 7:30 p.m., 2012