Shine Interview: Robert Black

What kind of shopper are you? I am impulsive and strategic but never cautious. If I see it and I love it, I buy it, and if I need something particular to finish an outfit for an event, I will pursue it 'til I find it. I am a cufflink freak. I also love fab suits and sport coats.

What is your biggest weakness? I love a bargain. I hate paying retail for anything, but I will if I must. Again, shoes — a weakness — and I live in jeans. Basic Levi's with a fashion cut.

What's the last thing you returned? I really have never returned a clothing item. I am secure in what I buy, so no need to return. I don't buy unless I love it or "need" it.

What do you collect? I have over 150 pairs of vintage cufflinks. I also love messenger bags, so I have new ones all the time. My prized newest one is a Louis Vuitton I found at My Sister's Closet's.

What is the one purchase you can say embodies you the best? I love suits, and to me, all men look good in suits. I like how, in the old movies, men were always well groomed and pressed. When I put on a stylish suit, I feel better. Add a cool tie and some cufflinks and I am ready for my closeup. I'm not sure what it says about me except that I want to look my best.

What is the one object/piece you think everyone should have at least one of? For men, it is a great watch. It is something that can be passed from generation to generation and the perfect accessory for day or evening.

The one thing you would grab if your house was on fire? My LV bag, and then [I'd] stuff it with as many of my crazy shoes as possible.

Best place to shop? For cufflinks and vintage women's clothing, my store, of course. Beyond that, I hit the boutiques and the locally owned.