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Mill's End @ The Rogue Bar

This is it, folks. The grand finale. The end of the world — or is it? It still remains to be seen exactly what is going to happen when the calendar page turns to December 21, but if what some interpreters of Mesoamerican archaeology say is true, the end of the most complex calendar ever developed will signify a cataclysmic event. So it might be time to start planning where your final destination will be — that one guy in Sedona plans to jump off a cliff with the expectation that a cosmic portal will miraculously open, whisking him to a new phase of existence. While that's one way to spend the potential apocalypse, the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale is a much closer drive, and an exponentially better location to enjoy when, most likely, you know, nothing happens. There you'll find Americana-infused roots rockers Mill's End serving up their rowdy brand of alternative country and hard-hitting Southern rock. Founded by lead singer/guitarist Jeff Bump and drummer Mark Bainbridge in 2008, the pair has successfully moved on from private jam sessions to become favorites at popular local haunts throughout Phoenix and Tempe. Rounded out by bassist Geoff Butzine and lead guitarist Keith Perillo, the quartet is known for channeling seminal alt-country acts like Whiskeytown and the Old 97's. They'll be doing their best to make the most out of what could conceivably be the last show of their — or anyone's, I guess — life.