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Psychic Blood, & Otro Mundo @ Trunk Space

I don't know what's going on in western Massachusetts, but if Psychic Blood's Drrrty 7-inch is any indication, it's something fucked-up. Grinding guitars, trashcan drums, and howled vocals give way to a vintage heavy metal riff before exploding back into the post-Sonic Youth storm of fuzz. "Something's going down," vocalist Jason screams on the B-side, and you believe him. Recalling the violent guitar fireworks of early Dinosaur Jr. (and that band's battered pop sense, too) Psychic Blood make for the perfect tourmates with Phoenix's Otro Mundo, whose new cassette seethes with a similar intensity, with a focus shifted toward big-amped counterculture psychedelia. The tour finds the kindred-spirit bands heading up the West Coast, starting in Phoenix and winding up in Olympia, Washington. Tumblr dispatches from the road ought to make for quality entertainment — it's hard to imagine many guitars surviving the trip intact.