DJ Kim E. Fresh @ Hidden House

Call us weirdoes for noticing something like this, but it seems a good chunk of the local DJ crowd can't dress for shit. Though it's true that the focus of any spin gig should (understandably) be on the quality of sounds coming from the mixers instead of what the particular knob-twister is wearing, we dig those DJs who are also keen on couture instead of merely donning the typical uniform: T-shirt, jeans, and/or a hoodie. Take, for instance, the swank threads worn by Kim E. Fresh during her sets. The swanky selectress — who's a regular guest at Al Page's joints at the Hidden House and elsewhere, as well as an occasional model for local boutique Vintage by Misty — brings a touch of class to things when she sports chic blouses and fancy frocks while her manicured hands work the wheels of steel and drop hip-hop hits, funk jams, and old-school tracks. Fresh's style will mix with the swagger of several Phoenix hip-hop artists scheduled to appear at the Bad A$$ Rap Show Vol. 3 on Friday, January 4, at the Hidden House, 607 West Osborn Road. She'll be on the ones and twos during the event, which will feature performances by Lord Kash, ZeeDubb, Ken Kong, and Tha Wikid One. The rhymes staring flowing at 9 p.m. Call 602-266-1763.