Goo-Goo For Gaga

In recent months, Lady Gaga has taken a small step away from the bizarre. Abandoning all egg portals and meat dresses, she’s taken to a more demure look with auburn locks and simple black dresses. Oh, and face masks. Don’t forget the face masks. Even though she's toning down the weird in her wardrobe, it’ll never disappear from her attitude. And her fans are well-versed in the beautiful world of weird, taking Gaga’s message of being yourself to heart.

Even if you can’t afford to weird it up at the Gaga concert Wednesday, January 23, you can still get your little monster fill at Sky Lounge, 132 East Washington Street. At 9 p.m., the post-Gaga bash The Bad Kids will kick off, featuring former Gaga road performer Michael Silas, drag diva Coco St. James, and Shari Grubbs, star of American Icons Live at Wild Horse Pass. DJ Image and Madd Rich keep the night going with two floors of music, plus Gaga-themed giveaways for all of the 18-plus freaks in the house.

Wed., Jan. 23, 2013