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Coheed and Cambria @ Marquee Theatre

Since 2001, Claudio Sanchez — the huge-haired and highly conceptual frontman of prog-tinged emo outfit Coheed and Cambria — has devoted every moment to building an immersive science fiction storyline known as The Amory Wars. Thus far, the interplanetary narrative has spanned seven albums and a parallel series of comic books published by Sanchez's Evil Ink press. Up next will be a forthcoming feature film (Mark Wahlberg and the Leverage production company inked a development deal with Sanchez last year). The band's latest album, The Afterman: Descent, is the second half of what could be considered the baseline prequel to Sanchez's fantasy realm, but it's also chock-full of heart-on-sleeve vocal hooks and sweeping guitar leads. Though the new film surely will bring his story to whole new heights, Sanchez's hopes for the project are highly personal. Just like his albums can be approached either from the sci-fi-superfan side entrance or through the casual-fan front door, Sanchez hopes the Amory Wars movie will be just as accessible for someone seeking an exciting escape. Someone like his blue-collar father, the inspiration behind the Coheed character. "For my dad to work his ass off, come home at 5 p.m., and want to chill out and watch a movie," Sanchez says, "it would be amazing if one of those movies could be my own."