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Reckless Kelly @ Wild Horse Pass

Somewhere between Dwight Yoakam's honky-tonking cover of Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" and Terry Manning's power-pop take on "Guess Things Happen That Way," the Jack Clement-penned single made famous by Johnny Cash, lies Reckless Kelly's "She Likes Money, He Likes Love." The standout track from the Austin-via-Bend, Oregon, Red Dirt quintet's latest, Good Luck & True Love, has plenty of Americana twang, but also a charging beat, crunchy distortion, and a supremely fuzzed-out guitar solo. "They'll stay together till they find something better," frontman Willie Braun belts, about a May-December romance on the rocks. It's the sort of thing Reckless Kelly does best; the kind of song that could sneak on to KNIX's playlist without raising any eyebrows (hell, they're already playing Taylor Swift's crossover singles), but still dirty and edgy enough to appeal to fans of alt-country greats like Drive-By Truckers — an effortless blend of country grit and rock 'n' roll soul. — Jason P. Woodbury