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Aaron Carter @ Martini Ranch

Who's Aaron Carter, you ask? What — you have more important things to do than check what's trending on Twitter? It's been a very long time since this little blond boner of a Backstreet brother (his big bro is Nick Carter of BSB) burst on the scene with bubbly pop jams about beating Shaq at basketball, wanting candy, and inviting us to his kiddy party, but the guy's a positive ace at Twitter. The 25-year-old can thank the ridiculous but efficient world of social media (and a particular hashtag that ranks on a scale from 1 to 10 how horny he's feeling — no, really, look it up) for the inspiration to kick off his comeback tour called the "After Party," a reference to Carter's third album, Aaron's Party (Come Get It). No matter how ridiculous his shirtless twitpics and flirty tweets may seem, you gotta hand it to the dude for using his resources (or his hard-on) to welcome us back to his party.