The Other Guys

What you see ain’t necessarily what you get. That proves doubly true with downtown Phoenix performance artist Ryan Avery’s annual musical freakfest known as The Real Coachella.

Like the more famous mega-concert and hipster haven out in Indio that it parodies, the local event boasts some famous names on its promotional posters, like Grimes and the Wu-Tang Clan. Thing is, the performers that appear onstage at Trunk Space aren’t going to bear the slightest resemblance – musically or otherwise – to the aforementioned acts. To wit: The Real Coachella’s version of Grimes won’t be a weirdo dream pop chanteuse, Avery says, but will be “some weirdo male singer” who’s gig will involve looping instrumentals. As for the so-called Wu-Tang Clan, the promoter states said act could possibly involve “poop and maybe surf rock.”

Verisimilitude aside, such goofy doppelgangers (usually portrayed by local musicians and artists) are de rigueur at the event, which will include such actual bands as Button Strugglers, The Aladdin Posse (a pop-punk tribute to the Disney film), and Supajoint.

Sat., April 20, 6 p.m., 2013