A Twist of Fete

If you've ever found yourself channel surfing on a routine Thursday night, weary of the nightly news, you've likely stumbled upon a little PBS gem called Check, Please! Arizona. It's hosted by acclaimed chef Robert McGrath, whose idyllic talk show host appearance -- picture a bearded blend of James Lipton and Rip Torn -- is trumped only by his exuberance and gastronomic acumen. The show features everyday Arizonans "dining and dishing" about their favorite local grub spots.

Having featured more than 100 Copper State restaurants, Check, Please! is a reliable televised resource for local foodies eager to quell their curious tastebuds. McGrath and Co. make it particularly easy to do so by hosting the Check, Please! Arizona Festival Sunday, April 28. For $60 attendees enjoy five delectable hours of samplings from the creme de la creme of AZ's independently owned restaurants, wineries, and breweries. New Times' food blog, Chow Bella, co-presents the event.

Sun., April 28, 11 a.m.-4 p.m., 2013