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1964 The Tribute @ Celebrity Theatre

In 2013, we've reached the point where Beatles tribute bands should, given the time that's elapsed, have some of their own tribute bands by now. 1964 the Tribute — that's their name — has been re-creating the British Invasion-era Beatles since 1984, which means they're now coming up on a decade older than the Beatles were during their first tribute show; so far they've managed to avoid succumbing to tribute-infighting or the dastardly feminine wiles of tribute Yoko Ono. They owe some of their success to their single-mindedness, which is even more acute than you might think: 1964 the Tribute isn't just a Beatles tribute band. They're a Beatles-before-they-stopped-touring tribute band. That means you won't hear the Abbey Road medley or "A Day in the Life," but the lighter slate of hits means there's room in the set-list for, say, some Beatles for Sale deep cuts. If you're a White Album partisan or a Sgt. Pepper's guy, you might have to look elsewhere for your fake-Beatles fix. But if you're looking for the touring Beatles — up to and including the outfits and the accents — and the portions of their discography that can be successfully re-created without tape loops and hard drugs, you're in luck. — Dan Moore