Bold McDonald

Snark will get you everywhere, provided your brand of it is actually funny. Without snark, how would we know which white dress at the Emmys looks like a trash bag and which one makes the celebrity look like an ethereal goddess? On Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler keeps a crew of regulars (and hilarious) trash talkers, who dish about celebs and current events every week.

But recurring roundtable comedian Heather McDonald has much more to offer than a once-weekly discussion about who wore it best. After all, McDonald was doing that long before Chelsea Lately came to be, serving as the longtime columnist behind US Weekly’s “Fashion Police.” What sets her apart from the bevy of mean-funny girls is that she’s also willing to crack jokes at her own expense. Example: For years, the attractive L.A. girl attempted to lose her V-card to no avail, as chronicled in her bestselling book You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again. Maybe not in Los Angeles, but that leaves her free to "blue ball" all around the country.

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