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No Volcano @ Crescent Ballroom

It's almost like a local indie supergroup! No Volcano features Colorstore guitarist Jeremy Randall, bassist Jake Sevier of Letdownright and Kingfathand, and drummer Chris Kennedy and vocalist/lead guitarist Jim Andreas of the mid-'90s outfit Trunk Federation. And perhaps you'll recall Trunk Federation's mirrored head that would spin like a disco ball on a record player 13 years ago — well, it's back as well! Together, they are No Volcano, a mellow nod toward '70s rock via Lou Reed, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and all your other favorite bands. No Volcano's extra edge lies in its modern feel, sprinkled with a little southern soul. Even though the band formed a little over six months ago, and its one and, so far, only show was earlier this month, No Volcano says it already has enough material for a full-length release. Given the group's momentum and its members' longtime experience in the Phoenix music scene, it probably isn't an exaggeration or too much pressure to say No Volcano will be making a splash in your neighborhood sometime soon. And if you love The Velvet Underground as much as the next guy, you probably should be excited.