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Rancid @ Marquee Theatre

Rancid is the perfect starter punk band. The group has the punk image down pat — just look at frontman Tim Armstrong's liberty spikes and numerous tattoos. The cover of . . . And Out Come the Wolves is enough to make any aspiring young punk pick up the record to find out more about the mohawked guy hanging out on the steps. These kids may have heard "Ruby Soho" or "Journey to the End of East Bay" online, or perhaps they saw the band's skull and crossbones logo printed on a T-shirt at Hot Topic. How fans discovered Rancid doesn't matter — what's important is that they go beyond the image to listen to the band. Rancid formed from the ashes of fellow Bay Area trailblazers Operation Ivy and continues to pioneer the signature ska punk sound that has since been imitated by countless bands. Rancid has been going strong since 1991, and their legacy will likely continue to bloom as more and more teenagers discover . . . And Out Come the Wolves in old record bins. From there, they'll find themselves falling further down the rabbit hole of Epitaph Records' iconic catalog.