I Love Industrial @ Monarch Theatre

If either Mighty Mike Saga or Alex King seems at all stressed lately, it's to be expected. The pair of rivetheads has spent the past two years preparing to bring Saga's influential dance party I Love Industrial to Phoenix this weekend, and there's still plenty to do before the madness gets unleashed.

Their toil is going to be worth it, Saga says, considering the size of his hard-charging affair, which comes to Monarch Theatre, 122 East Washington Street, on Saturday, July 27. Saga, an Arizona expat who's designed countless flyers for local raves, has been putting on I Love Industrial parties in Philadelphia for five years and was game to throw one in Phoenix. So he enlisted King's help in bringing it to his old stomping grounds.

"This event gives fans of the industrial genre exposure to bands and DJs that normally would not come to Arizona," Saga says.

Like German electro-industrial band Tactical Sekt, for instance, who will be making its first-ever Phoenix appearance. NYC aggrotech act FGFC820 and King's band BlakOPz also will perform.

Toronto's Edwin Somnambulist will headline a roster of 10 goth/industrial DJs, many of which are from Arizona's scene. The lineup includes Tucson's Plastic Disease and Mike Jenney (both of Club Sanctuary), as well as Mess &* Phetamine, Self.Destrukt, Defense.Mekanizm, and Dark Mark booming dark electro, harsh EBM, and other audio brutality through the Monarch's PK sound system. Saga and King (a.k.a. KILLtheALEX) will also DJ.

"You can guarantee that there will be a lot of first time show happenings here," King says. "Stuff I can't say, of course."

The grind begins at 8 p.m. Admission are $20 at the door. See the Facebook event page for more info. — Benjamin Leatherman