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Good Vibes Summer Tour @ Mesa Amphitheatre

It's called the "Good Vibes Summer Tour," it's going to feature performances by a band called Rebelution and a guy named Collie Buddz, and Matisyahu's there. This is a show so perfectly fitted into its niche that it really obviates the need for a preview — either that sounds like something you're into or it doesn't. Rebelution's last album, 12 impossibly laid-back you-can't-make-me-hate anthems brought together as Peace of Mind, comes in separate acoustic and dub versions. Collie Buddz is a little more crossed-over and a little more aggressive — his current single is a breakup track called "Payback's a B**ch" (his asterisks). Matisyahu has shaved off his beard and renounced orthodoxy since the last time he reached the broader culture, but it hasn't had an especially noticeable effect on his musical worldview. This is reggae-as-college-lifestyle-choice reggae, which isn't inherently a bad thing; chasing oneness with the universe is probably the best possible thing you could decide to do while high. (And the best possible thing you could decide to do in college, if getting an engineering degree is out of the question.)