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Arizona Pro Arte @ Tempe Center for the Arts

Love symphony music, but hate tuxedos? Skip the traditional classical music experience characterized by stuffy crowds and head to Tempe Center for the Arts for a more laid-back show where the musicians dress casually and where attendees get a chance to get up close and personal with the performers before and after the concert. At AZ Pro Arte's "Two Greats" performance, the local musical performance group will welcome international double bass player Catalin Rotaru to captivate eyes and ears with the massive and beautiful instrument. Haydn's Concerto for Cello in C Major was written for an instrument half the size of Rotaru's, so audience members will get a whole new taste for the classic work. Though AZ Pro Arte usually pairs visual art with its music, the ensemble is going all-melody for its summer concert series, which has seen sell-out crowds at the hip performing arts venue. "I will say it is a very unique experience to see and hear a true musical virtuoso up close," says AZ Pro Arte conductor Timothy Verville. "It leaves you in amazement, in awe, in true admiration of what we are capable of as humans, as artists. Rotaru essentially is bringing the musical equivalent of a semi-truck to a racetrack, and beating the competition by miles." Bet you never thought classical music would get your adrenaline going.