Feeling This

The Western world has a flair for drama; take love and death for instance. These universal experiences and the emotions they evoke, like sadness, yearning, lust, fear, have have long been portrayed in Western art. Phoenix Art Museum invites you to take a trip through the less-explored emotionally inspired art of the East in “Hidden Meanings of Love and Death in Chinese Painting.”

This exhibition showcases an impressive selection of Chinese paintings from the Marilyn and Roy Papp Collection, including emotionally detailed pieces like albums, fans, hanging scrolls, and hand scrolls from the 14th through 19th century.
 “Hidden Meanings of Love and Death in Chinese Painting” is on display through Monday, September 2, in the Orme Lewis Gallery & Asian Galleries at 1625 North Central Avenue. Hours Thursday, August 8, are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $15 for adults. Call 602-257-1222 or visit

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