Head Start

Zombies get a bad wrap. Sure they’re undead, but they do have some redeeming qualities. After all, they only want you for your brains, unlike tvampires, who are all about looks. Sure, there isn’t exactly a storied history of zombie heroes, but that’s the fun of it. Bruce Campbell and his fistful of boomstick can’t slow down the annual Zombie Walk, which takes over downtown Phoenix in search of brains, blood, and guts. In spite of the mayhem, this is a family-friendly event that features live rockabilly music, a costume contest, face painting, and more.

Join the walking dead on Friday, October 4. The walk begins at 5 p.m. outside of Revolver Records, 918 North Second Street. This all-ages event is free, though attendees are encouraged to bring canned food donations for St. Mary’s Food Bank. Call 602-348-7179 or visit

Fri., Oct. 4, 5-10 p.m., 2013