Brain Trust

Looking at the big picture, being a zombie doesn't seem all that bad. You're never in a hurry (and shuffling around is easy on the legs), you're impervious to pain (Broken arm? Missing jaw? No worries!) and you get to eat great food (in some countries, brains are a delicacy). Not a bad gig, if we say so ourselves.

You can get a little taste of the zombie good life at Zombie Walk 5, one of the largest gatherings of the undead in the country. Held yearly at Heritage and Science Park, the party brings together more than 10,000 walking dead for food, music, and an annual shuffle of walkers, which commences at dusk when the Zombie King and Queen (crowned at last week's Zombie Homecoming) lead the undead horde on a 1.2-mile route through the city.

Zombie Walk 5 shuffles across Phoenix beginning 2 p.m. Saturday, October 26, at 115 North Sixth Street. Admission and participation are free. Visit for more.

Sat., Oct. 26, 2-11 p.m., 2013