As we generally are not ones to adopt -isms and ones very much for spending time frivolously watching (and incessantly talking about) Scandal, minimalism sounds like a frightening proposition. Less is less, and then when there's less you can take away more so then there's less. That's the general idea. Right? So we thought.

Per Joshua Fields Millburn, one half of the big-time duo The Minimalists, that's not really how it works. Instead of depriving yourself, Millburn says minimalism is about subtracting things that don't add value to your life. For him, that meant giving away possessions, selling his house, quitting his job, and canceling his home Internet. For us, it could mean cleaning out our hoarder's nest of a makeup drawer and not worrying about Olivia Pope and Fitz so much. Maybe we could be minimalists after all.

Of course, there are many variations of minimalism. And Millburn and his co-minimalist Ryan Nicodemus will discuss their takes on the lifestyle (and take questions) when they visit Tempe's Changing Hands Bookstore, 6428 South McClintock Drive, with their new latest, Everything That Remains ($16.99).

Meet the pair at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 18. A ticket for two is free with book purchase. Call 480-730-0205 or visit

Tue., March 18, 7 p.m., 2014