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Eagulls @ Crescent Ballroom

Not the first post-punk band to emerge from Leeds, England, and most assuredly not the last, Eagulls made its U.S. television debut in January on the Late Show with David Letterman. Not a surprising coup for a band with such a big buzz, but one made more exciting for the band's members, as they got to share the bill that night with none other than Hollywood's most glorious weirdo, Bill Murray. Eagulls bassist, Tom Kelly, celebrated the event by getting the actor's name inked on his arm, just south of his own Eagulls tattoo. The band doesn't seem to mind paying homage. The music on its "Nerve Endings" single, released last year, is reminiscent of both the Cure and Bauhaus, while the B-side is a cover of Killing Joke's "Requiem." So, sure, the band's overall sound definitely has elements of those aforementioned bands — along with a splash of the Clash here and there and some of Joy Division's punchy drive — but Eagulls has managed to put its own spin on things. There's an inherent passion that rings sincere and manages to transcend the sometimes formulaic sound.