Falling Stars

It’s not every week that the Arizona Diamondbacks play a game that matters. The D-backs don’t have a stake in the pennant race, so all they have left to play for is the pride of not being the absolute worst team in the majors. In a sense, this means the D-Backs’ season is in Bizarro World: the games against good teams don’t matter, and the games against crappy teams do.

The sorry state of the Dbacks’ season lends a bit of added importance to their upcoming series at Chase Field, 401 East Jefferson Street, against the Houston Astros. The lowly Astros are one of the only teams that may be having a worse season than Arizona -- that could change quickly if the Dbacks can’t defend their home field.

The series will kick off at 6:40pm on Monday, June 9. Tickets for the game start at $5 and are available via

Mon., June 9, 6:40 p.m., 2014