Fight Club Sadisco* (End Credits) @ Monarch Theatre

Despite all its nihilistic, anarchistic, and pugilistic leanings, Fight Club actually is a tale of hope and redemption. No, really. Strip away all the brutality, bedlam, and bathing products, and the overall message of both Chuck Palahniuk's original novel and David Fincher's flick is that one can attain salvation, albeit through extreme and unusual means. Fittingly, the M.O. of the latest edition of infamous industrial dance party Fight Club Sadisco* on Saturday, June 21, is similar in a sense, as it aims to help save the ass of one of the event's instigators. Squalor, the local DJ and electronica musician who serves as the Tyler Durden of the Sadisco* crew, has been battling cancer for more than a year. As a result, his medical expenses have gotten pretty significant. So, much like the members of Project Mayhem, the other DJs of Sadisco* are mustering their efforts to put on one helluva a party and aid their cohort. Like its inspiration, Fight Club Sadisco* will involve patrons (males and females alike) engaging in actual scraps with other willing participants in the basement of the Monarch Theatre, 122 East Washington Street. And while the donnybrooks rage downstairs, Sadisco* DJs ///she///, 5arah, Blonde NOize, VEX will be dropping harsh and dark sounds in the venue's main room. Squalor's side project Mess &* Phetamine and members of industrial bands Hex Rx and BlakOPZ will also perform. The mayhem begins at 8 p.m. Admission is $15, half of which will benefit Squalor while the rest goes to a children's cancer charity. Call 602-456-1991.