Best of Phoenix

Wheel Naughty

Though her nickname is "Prima Donna," 25-year-old amateur mechanic and Arizona Derby Dames skater Alissa Gere is the antithesis of spoiled rich girls with their purse dogs and fake-bake tans. Her icy green eyes and black Bettie Page 'do could easily propel Gere into modeling. But this Southern California native isn't hanging around the pool sipping mai tais in a frilly pink bikini. She'd rather be getting greasy with her 1929 Model "A" Roadster or cuddling with her pit bulls Ace and Ruby. By day, Gere's a mild-mannered administrator for an auto parts retailer. After dusk, the claws come out — whether she's getting into catfights on the roller derby track, setting a carburetor on fire or whooping ass at the local bowling alley.

Deadbeats "R" Us
My day job? I garnish people's wages. I don't like getting calls from people who are mad about it, but I like the work. One time, I had a guy yell at me saying he was gonna kill himself. I was like, "Okay."

Talk About a Dead-End Job
I was going to study mortuary science. I have a really strong stomach, and it takes a lot to offend me. Why work with the dead? They don't complain and you don't have to talk to them.

So Good It Was Criminal
On our first date, [my husband] got arrested. We were out talking and we had beer. A cop was shining his lights on us, and my husband hides his beer in his jacket pocket. He had some warrants and got arrested. I went home that night and told my mom. She didn't even get mad that I was with a guy who was in jail.

She's a Master Baiter
I like to go fishing, but I've never caught a fish. My mom took us fishing when I was younger, and I would be the baiter. I cut up worms and squid and tied them on. One time we took a shark home. I cut that thing up in the kitchen and we barbecued it.

Puppy Love
The dogs sleep with me in bed. We don't care that they're in the room when we're having sex. But sometimes Ruby, the girl dog, whines. She cries like she wants the attention.

Those Were the Days
I have a fascination with Black Sambo. I have pictures and little figurines. A Black Sambo tattoo. I just really love that era. The music. Rock 'n' roll — bluesy, dirty stuff. When I work on cars, that's all I want to listen to.